MOSE is one of the greatest engineering projects in the World. It is a system of mobile barriers for the defence of Venice and its lagoon from high tides.

The works, managed by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – Consorzio Venezia Nuova, are now at the final stages.

MOSE is an integrated system consisting of 4 rows made of 78 mobile gates installed at lagoon inlets that are able to isolate the Venetian Lagoon temporarily from the Adriatic Sea during high tides. The mobile barriers are connected to concrete housing structures with hinges that constrain the gates to the housing structures and allow them to move. They are located below sea level, lying on the seabed.

The installation is completed with a net of submarine tunnels, service rooms and technological systems for the management of barriers opening and of the whole project overall, that need to be kept at controlled levels of temperature and humidity for their right functioning and protection from salt corrosion.

G.I. Industrial Holding SpA is providing the units for air conditioning and dehumidification of underwater galleries and technological systems, in partnership with the multinational Company SIRAM SpA – VEOLIA Group, responsible for design and execution of the whole HVAC system.


The units provided under CLINT and NOVAIR brands are:

  • 89 Heat Pumps and 63 Fan Coil units: 11.000 kW total cooling power
  • 128 Air Handling Units: 870.000 m³/h total air flow.

All units feature special technical solutions and dedicated materials, specifically developed for long resistance in salty environment.