At our headquarters in Latisana (Udine), a showroom of over 1,500 m² hosts all the main solutions developed by our brands, specialising in air conditioning, industrial process cooling, close control and air treatment for server rooms and for commercial, industrial and public buildings.

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The showroom comprises an area of more than 500 m² dedicated to our Cooling Academy, where we organise numerous technical training sessions addressed to consultants, professionals, sales agents, engineers, designers and builders. Our team of expert trainers is always ready to tailor its programs to the specific needs of those interested in learning more about our technological solutions.


We were the first to offer the HVAC market a full range of high-efficiency units using the ecological R452B or R454B refrigerants, low GWP alternatives to the traditional R410A refrigerant used with Scroll compressors. This technology reduces the impact on global warming by at least 65%.



With our cutting-edge units for the air conditioning and dehumidification of underwater galleries and technological systems, we have contributed to constructing one of the most ambitious engineering projects in the world - MOSE, the system of mobile barriers designed to protect Venice and its lagoon from high tides.


We test our products in a brand new, ultramodern Climatic Chamber, where we are able to perfectly reproduce the climatic conditions in which each machine will have to operate. This on-site operation simulation allows us to guarantee the utmost efficiency and performance of our products.

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