Aircooled direct expansion units with Inverter Scroll compressors and EC Inverter Plug-Fans

_montair_DX_2015.png _montair_Scroll_inverter_2015.png _montair_EC_plug_fan_inverter_2015.png _montair_EC_plug_fan_inverter_HIGH_ESP2015.png _montair_icon_refrigerant_R410A_14.png

High efficiency aircooled direct expansion units. The Inverter Scroll compressor and the EC Inverter Plug-Fans vary their delivered power and absorbed power depending on the real requested thermal load. Up to 88% difference between minimum and maximum absorbed power is reachable.
The XIP range is equipped with EC Inverter Plug-Fans; High Head fans are available as accessories.
The range features electronic expansion valve already included.
The XIP range is available in two air discharge versions: XIPT with top air discharge and XIPB with bottom air discharge.
Unit supervision is developed by means of Modbus RTU protocol over RS485
serial interface as standard configuration. Other communication protocols and
interfaces are available as option.
The units are suitable for operation at a high outdoor air temperature (up to 52 C) with the correct combination with the XT remote condensers.


  • XIP…/C - Cooling only
  • XIP…/U - Cooling and humidification
  • XIP…/C - Cooling and heating
  • XIP…/C - Cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification